Fashion – An evolutionary movement.

Fashion –  ‘a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour’.


You are probably thinking that the featured title and content may only be attractive and aimed at a certain group of people – FASHIONISTAS! Fortunately or unfortunately (each to their own) isolating so called ‘fashionistas’ as my audience are not my intentions. Although not everyone has devoted followings of fashion, each day, we make decisions on what we are going to wear – a fair assumption … right? Also, unconsciously, we make judgments on what people surrounding us are wearing (deny this statement if you’re feeling angelic).

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Throughout my blog posts my intentions are to look at how fashion has evolved over time for both male and females. Topics I will be writing about will include the correlation between different events in history and the influence these events had on fashion trends – no it is not going to be a boring, monotonous history lesson!!! I am also looking forward to writing about the influence external factors had on peoples fashion tastes and perceptions.

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Before the mid nineteenth century, due to a lack of technologies, most fashion pieces were custom made by tailors and dressmakers – meaning fashion was a domestic business in each country. Materials, labour and consumers were sourced within each individual country. The twentieth century saw the improvement in technologies, including the introduction of the sewing machine. The rise in such technologies initiated free market economies and the development of factories of production. Mass production of clothing items was introduced. Clothes were being made in standard sizes at fixed prices and were being sold in retail outlets such as department stores. Fast forward to today where raw materials for clothes are being sourced in one country, being manufactured in another country and being distributed and sold in multiple countries. Fashion is now a globalized industry.

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