The Contrasting 1960’s …

I’ve decided to continue my blog series by writing about the fashion of the 1960’s because I find it interesting to compare these trends to that of the previous decade. There are multiple contrasting differences that occurred in the space of just a few years. Fashion in the late sixties moved from being timid and restrained in the fifties to a more rebellious, innovative and more imaginative age.

Womens clothes became more masculine – shirts were being worn untucked with no defined waistline ,also, with higher necklines. Three styles of pants became popular for women. Jax pants had a mid rise, tight fitting waist with a cropped leg. Stirrup pants consisted of a stretchy knitted material with a band that covered the foot to keep the pants straight. Denim jeans were worn with a high waist and a slim leg. Cropped pants were a popular trend in the sixties, they were usually worn with a printed cropped top or blouse.

With the increase in popularity for pants in female clothing, the demand for trouser suits appeared! This was a shocking revolution for some!!!! Female trouser suits were forbidden in some work places. This change was as shocking as the mini skirt that appeared in this decade! Mini skirts were now thigh length and were usually pleated, knitted or had a plaid pattern.

1970s Minis  - I want a denim skirt like this!Image result for 1960s traditional mini skirts and pants








Anti-war and anti-violence views were being favoured. In response to the opposition to the  Vietnam War, the hippy movement evolved. Many peoples fashion was influenced by the likes of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. For men in the sixties, the more formal styles of the fifties dramatically changed to being more relaxed and casual. Long hair, flared pants and shirts with psychedelic patterns were the ‘norm’. The Beatnik style was a contrasting style to the hippy movement but it was also quite prominent in the 60’s. This style attracted people who were drawn to dressing in a simple way, turtle necks and dark colours were elements associated with it.

Image result for 1960s hippie man





Image result for 1960s









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